About Flowing Northward

A few days ago, I had a meeting about plans with my boss, The Professor. In the end of the discussion, we ended up reminiscing about what we have done so far, and honestly, I never thought that I would come this far, or being involved in something like this. And I started to think, wouldn’t it be nice to have a diary that I can re-read as a reminder what life has been so far for me.

Actually, I had a blog before, but it was for a completely different purpose. First, I used the blog to practice my Japanese writing (which has been stagnant for the last couple of years) and my first contacts were Tomoko, my Japanese teacher (who corrected my postings diligently, bless her), and my Japanese class-mates. When laziness followed and I stopped writing, I started to add my friends back home as my contact and I kept my account so I can read their blogs and keep in touch with them. Now, I don’t even remember what my username was (thanks to Facebook that keeps me in touch with people back home).

As someone who has been residing at Planet Earth for more than 30 years, I think I have been through quite a bit. And since I am still looking forward to the many years of my life ahead, I have a vision (or sort of a mix between a vision and a dream) about how I want to live my life. However, I know that life isn’t always rainbows and unicorns, and even the most meticulously written plan can go south. It will not stop me from trying though, hence the ‘Northward’ title of this blog. I guess ‘Northward’ is my personal interpretation of the opposite of going south.

So, I will settle with going with the flow now, north bound ;).


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