About d-1

This is what I saw when I got to my desk this morning:

In the beginning of last week, I had practically nothing to do. People still hadn’t returned the protocols/email/etc to me, and left me with only experiments to do.

And suddenly, everybody wants me now. Paper works, emails to reply, protocols, experiment design inquiries, class schedule, student’s consultation, etc. The thing is, I like being busy. But not d-1 from my upcoming trip, especially since I haven’t packed, and I have to catch the earliest shinkansen to Tokyo tomorrow morning. And as always, every time I have a situation like this,  I ended up doing anything but those things in my to-do-list. Meh….

PS. This morning isn’t always about bad news though: The lab assistant, Yaegashi-san, asked me about my coming trip (I am taking 5 days of paid leave following my 1 day work trip :D). My first thought was: oh man… another problem?? But quite the opposite, my dear :p She reminded me I still have 4 left-over extra-half-days-off from last year (the good thing about working at University, the salary isn’t that sensational, but we do have many extra paid-days-off!), so I only need to take 3 days off instead of 5. Yay! And that leaves me with, lets see: 20 (this years’s paid days off) + 11 (last year’s unused paid days off) – 3 (my coming trip) = 28 paid days off for 2011, plus 4 days of summer holiday (have to be taken from July-October) and 1 refreshment day (can be taken anytime in 2011). Yeah! Life is good 🙂

PS2. One of the letter on my desk is an announcement about new ID card. Apparently ALL EMPLOYEES of this beloved University have to have our pictures taken for the new ID, on February 17 and 18 which is not going to work for me since I won’t be back in Japan until the 20th. So Y-san called the employment office and asked if I can get my picture taken later. And the verdict was: they will start making the new ID cards right after the 18th since it’s going to be a new style which should work for security entrance (?) in both Yahaba and Uchimaru Campus -or something like that- (what do I know, they were talking in high-speed Japanese), and my only option was to have my picture taken TODAY. So I went there, they took my picture, and of course, I looked like a ****. But whatever. At least one of my today’s to-do-list is taken care of. :p





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