About me and shinkansen

Call me a geek, but I love shinkansen (bullet train). I like how fast (it runs 300 km/h) and convinient (compare to flying) it is, and how living so far north isn’t that bad, since you can just jump into the shink and 2 hours and 20 minutes later, voila! you’re in Tokyo.

Living in Morioka gives me an additional advantage when it comes to shinkansen. Morioka station is the place where two shinkansens — Akita Shinkansen (serving Akita prefecture in the north-west part of Japan) and Tohoku Shinkansen (serving Aomori prefecture in the north-east part of Japan) — connect to each other, before one of the train pull both trains all the way to Tokyo.

I always love to see both trains connect:

The Akita Shinkansen is approaching the Tohoku Shink which is already waiting on the track

At this point, the Akita shink stops and wait until the signal for approaching is given by the JR guy on the left side, then it starts to move again, slowly.

Akita and Tohoku shinks are ready to connect to each other

And the final signal is given for both trains for final connection.

The kissing trains 😀

And the trains are connected!

And now, the brand new train ‘Hayabusa’ has been launched! I can’t wait for my next trip to Tokyo to try this new train!

News about Hayabusa: http://au.news.yahoo.com/queensland/a/-/mp/8957778/japan-launches-hayabusa-bullet-train/

And again, living in Morioka gave me the advantage of seeing the Hayabusa try out last year:

The Hayabusa try out in 2010

Honestly, I am not and never been a fan of anime, manga, gyaaru style (eugh) etc, that attract many people to Japan. And those things aren’t the reason why I moved to Japan. But shinkansen is one of things that make life in Japan is exciting!


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