About the current earthquake

Wednesday, March 9, before noon.

I was sitting on my desk, reading QA proposal, when it started shaking. And I yelled ‘Jishin!’ (earthquake!) and as always, not sure what to do. One of my co-workers, Dr. Tsutsumi stood up and looked outside the window to the people on the street below (we’re on the 4th floor), and said ‘people are still walking outside’. Then she, and other co-workers went back to whatever they were doing even though the earth still shaking :D. So, I did the same thing. LOL (It lasted for 3 minutes, btw)

My phone rang, and it was my friend, Jonathan, in Tokyo, who called to check if I was OK. He works at Bloomberg as a news editor, so he’s always up to date about what’s going on in Japan and the rest of the world. It was kind of surprise for me, since I thought the earthquake was just a small one (well, it felt like a small quake– the advantage of working at one of the most-earthquake-resistant buildings in this city), but apparently the epicentral was close from where I live and the magnitude was 7.2 Richter scale with the Tsunami warning all around the north-east coast of Honshu Island. Woah!

Comments started to come on Facebook from friends back home, checking if I was OK (I love you all! Mwah!)

An email from my sister in Sydney came, she freaked out when she heard the news about the earthquake on TV (or I should say Telly lol), quite understandable since apparently people in OZ/NZ were still traumatize with what happened in Christchurch. I replied her mail and told her I was OK.

The rest of the day went peacefully and I went home and turned on Skype, and Jeff called. I –of course– complained  about the fact that he didn’t call (earlier) and checked on me (before he had a chance to say anything than hello). LOL. His answer?

J: I lived in Northern Japan before, and went through those kind of earthquake like a million times and it’s 50 miles away from you, so I know you should be OK.

Me: EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I love you too, Schat. LOL

My sister called again, and I explained again to her that I was OK and have made all necessary preparation should the quake hit again.

Thursday, March 10, 3 AM (!!!!!!!!)

Woke up to the sound of glasses falling, and felt the earth shaking. Debating with myself whether I should get up or not. Before I could decide, the quake stopped.

4ish : woke up to the sound of fire truck siren outside. couldn’t go back to sleep. Meh.

6ish : woke up to another earthquake. Again, it stopped before I could make a decision about what to do.

And up until now, no more earthquake. Thank you Mother Nature, let’s keep it this way.

PS. I am glad everybody’s OK!



3 thoughts on “About the current earthquake

  1. Glad to see I can leave a comment and not have it deleted by the moderator! Ivo’s selective memory does not capture the whole conversation on the day of the earthquake. It just goes to show that selective editing can convey any meaning desired by the blogger.

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