About packing

I am pretty much an organized-freak when it comes to packing (which my husband would probably reply to that statement by saying, ‘not just for packing, m’dear, but pretty much about everything–and he’s probably not far from the truth :p). And I am not talking about making the list of what-to-pack a week before the actual time to travel, but I can start the preparation as far as a month before the traveling time or as soon as I confirmed the schedule. ( Talking about being an anal retentive, I know.. but I just can’t help it!).

So here goes my to-do for to-do list:

1. The list

I write my list down on a piece of paper, which I will then fold and put  in my bag, along with my pencil, and carry them wherever I go. So when I remember something that I need to add to the list, I can do it promptly. If I happen to forget to bring the list, I will either write it on my palm, or type it on my phone. The reason being: I am the most forgetful person I have ever known. If I don’t write it down promptly, I will -almost-guaranteed- forget it immediately. And I really hated it when it happened.

2. What’s on the list

I usually start with each individual day when I will be traveling, what I am going to do on that day (work, presentation, shopping, being on the plane, train ride, etc etc), and what I am going to need on that day  (including clothes, shoes, bags, laptop, and whatnot).

After I am done with the day-by-day list, I will continue with the general stuff such as passport and travel documents, toiletries, chargers, novels, medicines, etc, which I split into categories: things I must put in my check in bag, and in my carry-on. Once, I put my cute-pink-pair-of-scissors in my carry on, and the custom lady at Narita Airport confiscated my cute scissors no matter how hard I tried to convince her that there’s no way my Hello Kitty scissors can be considered as a dangerous weapon. Oh well… So, after that incident, I always tried to be as careful as possible about where to put what when I travel.

3. The actual packing

No, I don’t actually pack everything a month before I go :p. I would probably pack what can be packed perhaps one or two weeks before I travel, and I hang all stuff that wrinkle around the luggage and pack it the night before I leave.

Does it always work? ummm no. Like I said, I am forgetful. No matter how meticulous my preparation was, I still forgot stuff. Not the critical stuff, thankfully, but important stuff nevertheless. Once, I forgot to bring the whole overnight bag where I put the stuff for my wedding ceremony in Indonesia. I made the list, I put all I needed in one bag, I did the checklist the night before, I just forgot to actually bring the bag. Oh well…

My better half, on the other hand, is the total opposite. He always packs the night before he travels, even when the traveling involves touring around the Pacific (which includes Alaska AND Guam, go figure…) for almost three months (which of course, drove me bonkers each time, even though I was not the one who had to travel). Forget about the list –I never saw him made any– however, he told me he actually had a similar list, it’s just instead of writing it down on a piece of paper a month before the actual travels, he wrote it down the night before, in his head. Man, I ENVY people who can do that, no fair…:(. Well, to be fair, most of his traveling wasn’t confirmed until shortly before the actual date (thanks to the US government), but it didn’t stop me from going bananas each time he had to travel.

PS. I am leaving for Honolulu in 9 days. And as per today, I am 90% packed.


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