About Bandung

Disclaimer: I have no intention whatsoever to make this as a review or traveling blog. This is merely my self-perception about places I have been to.

I might be biased. So sue me. But what can I say? I love Bandung. If I have to choose between going to Singapore or Bandung, I will definitely choose Bandung. The food is better and the weather is milder, so for me, it’s a no brainer.

Even My Boss, The Professor, told me that unlike Jakarta, visiting Bandung felt like a vacation. I can’t agree with him more.

So here goes what I like about it:

1. The food.

I am a militant Sundanese food lover. But even if you don’t like Sundanese food (BTW, there are no such people who don’t like Sundanese food. If they claim they don’t, they might be a) never really try the authentic Sundanese food or b) there’s something wrong with their taste bud. lol. kidding..) Bandung has all kinds of restaurants from Japanese, European, Dutch, Chinese, you name it. So far, I can categorize them in two categories: delicious and super delicious. 😀

2. The people

OK, maybe it’s because I am Sundanese, so for the most part, whenever I talk to the people in Bandung, I ‘get it’. I understand the conversation, the jokes, the sarcasm, the ‘between the lines’ and it always makes me feel at home. And I like the people that I work with in Bandung. This join-research project between Japan and Indonesia that I have been working on is such a blessing. Despite all the headaches about the bureaucracy (Japanese and Indonesian) and  the failure of the experiments, it is unbelievably easy to talk and work with these people. They even understood and fully supportive when I told them I was getting married and I would likely have to relocate. I honestly and truly hope that this collaboration will continue to be as smooth!

3. The weather

It’s mild and not as humid and hot as Jakarta. I love having breakfast in an open area, something that you can’t really do in Jakarta, because even at 7 AM, it’s already hot and humid there.

4. The shops

Bandung is heaven for Factory Outlet lovers. Cheap cheap cheap shoes, bags, clothes, accessories, etc etc.

5. Saung Udjo

Can you be more proud as a Sundanese to see this amazing traditional Sundanese musical? They even made it to the Guinness Book of Record with their musical show in Washington DC. Check their website for pictures and clips here.

And here are the pictures of my last visit to Bandung (taken with my iPhone, so bear with the poor quality, please :p)

My 4th-year med student Haruko, dancing at Saung Udjo

My 4th year Med Student, Kana, at Saung Udjo

The Prof, Haruko, Dean's friend, my nephew Dean, Me, Kana

Holiday Inn Dago, Bandung. Highly recommended for its breakfast and restaurant.

My sister, my nephew and me at Paris van Java Mall

And a promotional video about West Java from youtube:


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