About Maui, 2012: The Goodbye

The trip’s main objective is to say our final goodbye to my late father in law (FIL) who passed away a month ago. Maui has always been his favorite place, so my husband’s family decided to make Maui as the place to say our final goodbye to him.

The rest of The LaRocques flew in on Thursday, but since my husband had a conference in Palm Spring that week, we decided to fly in on Friday. And yeah, that was a looooong travel for me: 3.5 hours on the train to Narita plus 6.5 hours on the plane to Honolulu and another 6 hours at Honolulu Intl Airport to wait for our connecting flight to Kalahai Airport in Maui. 2 hours after I landed at Honolulu Intl Airport, my husband finally arrived from LAX, and followed by another tiring check in process at Inter-Island Terminal: first, we had to drag one of our oversized bag to a special drop-in place in the other end of the terminal, only to be told (without further explanation why) that we need a pink tag so we had to drag the bag all the way back to the check in counter area, only to be told that since we’re not flying to the mainland US, we didn’t need the pink tag and we had to drag the bag all the way back to the oversize bag drop in, lol. Yeah, welcome to Honolulu :p

Somebody had to drag his bag back and forth and clearly not happy about it 😀

The good news is, it was only a 33 minutes flight from Honolulu to Kalahai, and we managed to make it in time to join the rest of the group for dinner, went to bed for a blissful sleep and all those travellings were totally worth it when you wake up to this:

A morning view from our balcony at Sheraton Maui Resort and Spa. Hello, Maui! 😀

We had an early breakfast at 8 since my husband is a golf geek and some of the family member and friends were going to Kapalua Golf Course for some supposed-to-be-friendly golf tournament, but of course, nothing is friendly when the competition hit the LaRocques, :D. Me, I spent the whole morning lying by the pool, went to Whalers Village (which was like, two blocks away from the hotel) for lunch and some shopping with the rest of the family member who dislike golf as much as I do. And it’s life in Maui, baby! 😀 Life is sooooo hard when you have to decide whether to have fresh baked fish or spicy yummy sushi roll for lunch, oooh, decision decision…. hahaha…:p


Before sunset, we went to my parent-in-law’s friend’s house, where the final memorial for my FIL would take place. It was a beautiful house on the cliff, with the breathtakingly beautiful view of the beach, and sea turtles swimming around its beach. It was my FIL’s favorite house in Maui, and a perfect place to say our final goodbye. We were joined by around 30 people, the family’s closest friends who flew all the way from California, and once again, I witnessed how loved my late-FIL was, and indeed, he was an extraordinary man who touched many lives throughout his.

Quite an emotional time for all of us, when we said our last goodbye.

Jackie, Jeff, Joey, and Lynn, getting ready.

Life is indeed, fragile, and as the sun set that day, I realize that sometimes we take things for granted, and I felt the strongest feeling of regret, as I saw the Leis we threw floating toward the ocean and the sky turned dark, in Maui.


Goodbye Dad, you will always be in our hearts.


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