Tentang Pesta Kebun di Musim Gugur Bagian 1

Disclaimer: Tulisan ini dibuat enam bulan lalu, dan berhubung nggak selesai-selesai, mari kita ganti dengan cerita foto saja, tentang pesta kebun bulan November lalu.

Lokasi: kebun belakang rumah MIL dan SFIL

Lokasi cadangan kalau hujan: living room :p

Persiapan malam pre-hari H: my MIL and my sisters :)

Cake: Danish chocolate cake with butter cream (my MIL is Danish). Dipesan dari Olsen Danish Bakery, Solvang, CA, dengan penuh wanti2 supaya tidak ada hiasan apapun diatasnya haha, sampai Mr. Olsen rada2 kecewa kayaknya :D

Food: The cheese-vaganza!

Food 2: the finger food/appetizer

The MUA and our best friend, Hiroko. One day, at dinner at a restaurant, she told Jeff and I that if someday we got married, she wanted to do my hair and make up (she’s a professional MUA and owns her own beauty salon with her husband). And sure enough, she flew all the way from Japan to California just to do my make up and hair. The night before, she said to my MIL, ‘I want to do her make up and hair in a simple style, to fit her personality, because I know her and I love her very much’. You know what Hiroko, me, Jeff, and our families love you too!

My something blue. Thank you Mom :)

My something new: my dress

My something old: Jeff’s grandma’s earrings. It was given to me the morning before the wedding by his Mom :)

My something borrowed: my mom’s bracelet. It was brought all the way from Indonesia by my sister. My sisters and I always wear this bracelet in our wedding days.

To be continued…..

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