About Japan: The random moments

So, it’s a wrap. 2 days from now, I will no longer be a Japan Resident, something that I have been calling myself for the last 7 years. It has been an amazing experience, with all the ups and downs (and the love-hate relationship between me and life-in-Japan-experience), but all in all, it has been a great adventure.

7 years. I can’t even begin to start writing all I want to write about it. And I can’t even decide what I want to write about it. And it’s harder. You see, it’s different from when I left Indonesia. I might leave, but it’s my home country, so I knew, I would be back to visit and to live there again someday.

So I will just write as I go. As I want to write. And this time, it’s those random moments.

Random Moment 1

I was walking along downtown Morioka, when I saw my friend Alice. We stopped, and talked, and we were talking somebody called my name, and it was Hitoshi, the manager of Sundance (a Tex Mex Restaurant with Irish Pub in it :p). Or the next day when I was about to cross the street and somebody waved from across the street, and it was my friend Dean. See, Morioka is like the American TV series ‘Cheers’, you know, the theme song that says: ‘where everybody knows your name…’. Well, perhaps not as literal as that, but it’s pretty close. You go to Starbucks, almost always, you will meet someone you know there. That’s what I love about Morioka. It’s not Tokyo, it’s small, but it’s friendly. You live alone, yet you rarely feel lonely.

Random Moment 2

It was raining, and as always, I forgot my umbrella. I was standing at a large crossing, waiting for the red light to turn green, when suddenly an old lady stood next tome and shared her umbrella so I didn’t get wet. And she just simply said to me: ‘this red light usually takes a long time to turn green, so  let’s share the umbrella so you won’t get wet’. Total random kindness.

Random Moment 3

I came home from a long day at the lab, feeling terrible having to work all day while fighting a cold that had been annoying me for days. And there they were, hanging on my apartment door: a bag with oranges in it, a bag with bento boxes full with food, and a note from my friend saying: ‘I heard you have a cold, here some food so you don’t need to cook, Let me know if you need more stuff or if you need me to go grocery shopping for you’. Sometimes I wonder what I have done so I deserve such nice friends.

There are many more moments. Many more memories. And before I start to weep, here goes: I am grateful. For my friends. For the support. For the life I had in Japan.


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