About Japan: The last week

Never thought it would be that hard. But life goes on, and here goes the last Japan (as a life-in, and for now, maybe?, who knows, right?):

Farewell at the lab. We were suppose to have it at a restaurant. But we’re at Yahaba (read: in the middle of nowhere). So, the farewell happened at a seminar room. I got a nice surprise of bouquet and a fancy pen, which the Prof said for signing the agreement with the Uni that I will be their visiting staff. Right. As if I need ANY encouragement πŸ™‚

Where I found myself (or sort-of, after battling with the realization that being a researcher was a doable-life): Division of Infectious Diseases and Immunology, First Department of Clinical Microbiology, Iwate Medical University School of Medicine.

The last day at my workplace. Never thought I would miss working in the middle of that not-so-wide-and-organized-chaotic-place so much!

A picture my student sent me, taken during a quick farewell at Starbucks, which almost-didn’t happen (due to my crazy moving stuff that took so much of my time, and their busy schedule at the hospital). I am glad they insisted on meeting me, and I am grateful for the chance that was given to me: teaching them. I pray that someday, they will become someone that they can be proud of, who will put humanity above all, in the profession that they choose.

A sign my friend Mariko made me.

The farewell 1: so glad they made it so I can say goodbye and hug all of them!

I wish I can put all of the pictures of my friend here. Well, they will always be in my mind (or in my facebook, lol!). And I am, grateful for them πŸ™‚

PS: The last 3 pictures are the courtesy of my friend Jason Hill, a talented photographer (hence the difference in quality compare to other pictures). Check his awesome work here!


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