About life in Honolulu: the first month

Once every blue moon, my husband will check my blog and read the entries, and last week, it’s that moment. And his first comment was: how come there’s no post here about your life in Honolulu? So here it goes:

Marking the first month of life in Honolulu, my biggest achievement will be: surviving the first month living under the same roof with my husband without killing each other, lol! Just kidding, but seriously, well, no one’s spent the night at the dog house (yet) :D. And the other significant progresses are:

1. We unpacked all boxes both from my husband’s old apartment and from Japan, and turned our current apartment from post-WW2-wreck into a place where human being can actually live. Most furnitures were bought and assembled (most of those that I assembled needed some adjustments by the husband, oh well…), now we are in the long process of decorating (which might take years, but that’s OK, we want it that way anyways, you know, filling the house with the small pieces that matters).

2. We found a marketplace 3 blocks from our apartment which is the famous Maunakea Marketplace, where we can buy fresh produce, meat, Asian herbs and sauces, and even parts of animal which I consider the best part of such animal and disgust my husband to no end (cow gut, intestine, liver, and so on) :D.

3. I managed to go around by bus. Honolulu bus system is actually pretty easy to understand. And thank to google map (no thanks to apple map), I could even get a live  bus schedule. Bus fee is a flat $2.5 with 2 hours permissible transit time, which is relatively cheap especially if you want to go to the other side of the Island. My first trip was to University of Hawaii at Manoa to attend an Indonesian gathering. A small victory of a day in Honolulu, I’d say.

4. Set up my bank account, got the temporary instruction permit card (still waiting for the plastic one to show up in the mail), got the SSN,  got the permanent I-551 a.k.a Green Card, Insurance, etc. I even got my teeth cleaned since I missed my last biannual dental cleaning in Japan due to the hectic weeks of moving. And yeah, even with the insurance, dental cost in the US is EXPENSIVE! Oh well, at least my dentist and his team are super nice. They even sent me a Birthday email, and also a welcome card, signed by all staff in the clinic. Cute :p

5. Started to drive around and try to get use to driving in the wrong side of the road :D. And I found that driving here is more stressful than driving in Indonesia. Even though the roads are wider and nicer, the signs are clear and everywhere, so, it should be easier, right? Errr, no, I have a strong feeling that I won’t pass my road test for my driving license at the first attempt (which thanks to Honolulu’s DMV crazy schedule, is going to happen on December 11. I know! That is the soonest I can take the road test, unless I want to try to take it without the appointment a.k.a walking-in schedule, which requires getting in line from 4 AM. Errr, no thanks, I’ll wait for December). The husband said I should be OK though, and he thinks I should be able to pass on my first attempt. Yeah, I suspect the reason why he said that is because he doesn’t want to stuck with having to go with me each time I drive! lol! (In case you read this, I’m just kidding, hunny! :D).

Well, that’s for now and more to come!


Waikiki, taken during one of our weekend morning bike-ride (and weekend morning visit to IHOP or Denny’s :D)


4 thoughts on “About life in Honolulu: the first month

  1. loved to read your blog!
    I am excited to think to visit you there!
    don’t killing each other until then Lol!

    Toshi and I haven’t done that yet,,,sofar 🙂

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