About Chewbacca

Meet Chewbacca, aka Chewie, aka Trouble, aka Bitty.

IMG_9746 (1)

She is bitty (hence the nickname), loud, shameless, knows no boundary (well, she’s too young to be trained with squirt bottle– a genial idea from my friend Bonnie about how to discipline your cat: squirt them with industrial-style squirt bottle. Oh, the caveat: you need to chase the cat down with the squirt bottle (I know it sounds cruel, but this is necessary), otherwise they’ll think it’s a game and the squirt bottle won’t work anymore). Where was I? Oh yeah. The Bitty. Anyways, we got her from the same pet-rescue organization who rescued Scribbles, Hawaii Cat Friends. She was adopted at 6 weeks old and when we told one of the ladies who was there during our adoption process that we had a cat at home, she told us they’ll be fine, just have them meet face to face and they’ll be fine.


The cats hissed at each other the first time they met and Scribbles was so unhappy, she hissed at me and Jeff! (never happened before). So after a quick read, we separated them for a week and they could only hear or smell each other from behind closed door, re-introduce them a week later slowly. Sounds simple, right?


We had two weeks of cat drama: them hissing at each other through the closed door, Scribbles refused to eat, Chewie had little ‘accidents’ (yes, plural) outside her litter box and other head-scratching/frustrating moments (to the point when I wanted to sent them BOTH back to the rescue center — kidding…)

But after two weeks, finally the hissing subsides, and one day, they started to do this:


And then this:


And my heart melts….


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